Project Team

Project Team

Team Leader: Dr Anthony MICHELL

Dr Anthony Michell is a visiting Professor at KDI School of Policy and Management. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Euro-Asian Business Consultancy and Korea Associates Business Consulting. He has been one of the leading foreign advisers to government and industry based in Seoul, Korea. Dr Michell has more than 35 years of experience in consulting and navigating Korea’s political and legal challenges, in particular with regard to labour issues and job creation. Collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) on topics related to Korean labour and economy has given him extensive knowledge of the ILO and labour standards.


Expert (EU): Mr. Ioan – Cristinel RAILEANU

Mr. Ioan – Cristinel Raileanu is an expert working at the Romanian Ministry of Labour. With over 8 years of experience as a labour market specialist, he has reported on and analysed labour market issues and trends at the national, EU and international level. Mr. Raileanu has acquired extensive knowledge on the Korean labour market challenges and situation working in a Knowledge Sharing Project (KSP) with the Korean Development Institute (KDI). He holds a Master Degree in Development Policy from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Mr. Raileanu also has extensive knowledge of the EU regulatory framework for labour related legislation, including anti-discrimination policies, and EU cross-border issues. Additionally, he has an excellent understanding of the ILO and labour standards and has reported on the ILO Conventions.


Expert (Korea): Mr. Chan Sik AHN

Mr. Chan Sik Ahn has 15 years legal expertise serving as Partner for a leading law firm in South Korea, specialising in employment and labor issues. Mr Ahn is an expert on matters relating to employment law and its application in the workplace. Mr Ahn is a practical litigator who represents clients before central and regional labor relations commissions as well as the administrative court and its appellate courts. He served as advisor and principal litigator on numerous high profile employee discrimination cases in South Korea. He has been the lead contributor to various multi-jurisdictional surveys regarding labor and employment issues as well as privacy and data protection issues. Mr Ahn has deep experience representing European and international clients as well as local entities in South Korea and a proven understanding and knowledge of current state of play for international labour agreements.


Project Manager: Emily HEMMINGS

Ms Emily Hemmings joined the DEVELOPMENT Solutions Beijing office in 2014 as a Project Manager and has more than five years of experience in international project management. Ms Hemmings now heads the DS Brussels office in Belgium and is responsible for the management and delivery of EC projects under the International Trade and Economy Division. Activities she has managed at DS include reports, international workshops, conferences and trainings in Latin America, Europe and East Asia. Ms Hemmings is a native English speaker with working knowledge of Mandarin. She holds an MSc. degree in China Studies from the London School of Economics.


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